Nine Tails Story, Lee Dong Wook’s secret


Lee Dong Wook is ready to show his magical side in the new drama “Tale of the nine Tailed”. The entertainment network tvN is ready for its new Halloween project, a drama full of fantasy and action inspired by the legend of a nine-tailed fox, a creature known as a gumiho, in the new teaser the relationship that the couple will have is revealed protagonist and the true identity of Lee Dong Wook’s character in “Tale of the nine Tailed”.


Through its official social networks, tvN revealed the new teaser for “Tale of the nine Tailed”, where Lee Dong Wook plays “Yi Yeon”, a seemingly normal man, but who hides a secret and a production director, a fan From the paranormal, you will try to find the famous nine-tailed fox and it seems that you have it closer than you think.

The new teaser shows the relationship between “Yi Yeon” and “Jo Bo Ah”, who seems to follow in his footsteps and interrogates him in his apartment while assuring him that he finally found who he was looking for and looks him in the eye. Will you discover your secret? The video is only 15 seconds long, but long enough to add to the mystery and anticipation of this story.


“Tale of the nine Tailed” also revealed the character of Boys Over Flowers star Kim Kibum, who appears in one of the scenes with a malicious smile, someone very astute as the foxes and the villain in the story. The teaser already has more than 17 thousand views within hours of being released.

Lee Dong Woo will have to keep his identity a secret before someone else finds out, although it has not yet been defined what kind of role he has as a magical fox who lives in the city of Seoul, will there be a fight between gumihos?


The preview for “Tale of the nine Tailed” also shows a mysterious accident in the middle of the road, where “Jo Bo Ah” will try to find out what happened after a car capsized. The premiere of this new drama is scheduled for next October and will combine modernity with fantasy.


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