Nina Serebrova Shares a Snapshot Of Her Posing In A Black Lace


Nina Serebrova gave her fans a treat Saturday morning, sharing a photo of her posing in a Fashion Nova bra. According to Nina’s label, she took a picture on Brickell Avenue in Miami Beach, Florida.

Nina’s breasts jealousy in her black lacy push-up bra. The raven-haired beauty slips her fingers through long dark locks while inserting a buttock to make her toned stomach look more tense.

Nina is also wearing a matching black skirt in the photo. It looks like it’s made of the same satin fabric found in the lower half of her bra. The lower half is dressed more modest than the top, but thanks to Nina’s exposure expertise, the curve of the booty can be seen through the tight boundaries of her short skirt.

Model decided to make accessories with matching gold earrings and necklaces. Nina also shakes pink lip gloss, pink eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, foundation and blush. The enviable lips of the model are intertwined with a sexy look in both new images.

The Bang Energy daughter published another photo a few days ago in equally seductive lingerie, In the previous Instagram update, the model did not even put a full face in the snapshot and chose to cut the photo just above the signature pink mouth.

She focused the camera on her amazing body, covered in nothing but completely mixed pink lingerie. Nina opened her camera from above to show her split and exquisite abdominal muscles.

Like Nina’s Instagram publications, likes and comments came from the moments of publication. She currently has 30,600 likes and a few hundred comments from 2.7 million followers.

Ols Let’s have a nice Saturday love, Nina wrote in the comment section. Added blowing kiss emojis to your comment.

Nina is always polite enough to respond to her fans as much as she can. Not only did she comment on her painting several times to send a love of emoji to her fans, but Nina replied gratefully.

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