Nina from NiziU celebrates her birthday with a very special project


WithU’s sweetie accompanied Nina on her first birthday as a J-Pop idol and they gave her a wonderful gift.

The NiziU girls were filled with festive spirit thanks to Nina’s birthday. Although currently no major events can be held, the idol celebrated with a very special gift.

The fans of the J-Pop group did not let this day go unnoticed and after only a few months of her debut Nina has already received her first project on the streets of Tokyo. This is a celebratory announcement that was screened thanks to the union of WithU in Japan.

Thanks to this special announcement, more people were aware of the idol’s birthday , but it also showed that NiziU’s fame continues to rise.


Nina Hillman was born on February 27, 2005 in Washington, since her mother was originally from Japan and her father was born in the United States. Thanks to her work and her talent, she made her debut at just 15 years old and despite being the youngest of the members of NiziU, she is also one of the tallest.

Her Japanese name is Makino Nina and she is currently a dancer, vocalist and the maknae of NiziU . In honor of her birthday, fans around the world sent messages to the girl using the hashtag #HappyNINADay.