Nina Dobrev, Sarah Michelle Gellar and others share loving posts after the Vampire Diaries vet Kayla Ewell gave birth to a son seven weeks prematurely


Despite the fact that the Vampire Diaries franchise came to an end with the potentially deadly finale of the Legacy series, it’s not surprising that some former film partners have kept in touch over the years. For example, Kayla Ewell, who portrayed Vicky Donavan for most seasons of DV in one capacity or another. The actress recently gave birth to a boy seven weeks ahead of schedule, and Elena Gilbert herself, Nina Dobrev, hastened to say a few congratulatory words together with former vampire slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar and others!

Kayla Ewell wasn’t shy about sharing her pregnancy journey with her Instagram followers. Three months before giving birth, she announced the news of her pregnancy, and since then she has been showing off her tummy, excited to give birth to another baby. Over the weekend, the actress shared that her baby boy was born seven weeks prematurely, but fortunately for everyone involved, they are both happy and healthy, and she and her husband are “very excited.”

Fans and famous friends hurried to congratulate Ewell on her happiness. Her DV colleague couldn’t help but comment on the baby’s facial features before posting an additional post with several smiley face emojis and hearts.

That little hand!

Sarah Michelle Gellar from Buffy the Vampire Slayer also shared her excitement, stating that she is ready to provide her nanny talents whenever Kayla Ewell needs them. Considering how cute her son looks when you look at his tiny, tiny hand, I would also like to do the same. That’s how Gellar put it, sounding like a pirate:

I CAN’T WAIT to get it!! The nanny Prince is ready

Ashley Greene, who is remembered by many for her role as Alice Cullen in the Twilight franchise, also found time to congratulate Ewell and say a few warm words:

Congratulations!!! I am glad to hear that you are all healthy and safe.

Nina Dobrev was not the only DV star who turned to us. Claire Holt, who recently reprised her role as Rebecca Michaelson in “Legacy,” responded with a short but sweet congratulations:

Wow congratulations!! ❤️

Must love how many vampire-related celebrities have taken the time to send a little love to Kayla Ewell. Nothing from Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise’s “Interview with the Vampire” yet, but they’re probably just busy.

Premature birth is always scary, although it seems that Baby Novlan is doing fine. Kayla Ewell will be busy for a while, although with the support she has (and some new and willing babysitters), she and her husband Tanner Nowlan are in great company.

The actress was recently seen in the role of Nora Truman in Roswell, New Mexico, in a recurring format. Her last episode on the series was in 2021, so it’s hard to say if she’ll be back again before the show ends this summer. However, soon Kayla Ewell can be heard in the upcoming comedy podcast Bone. Get married. To bury. along with Sarah Hyland , Tommy Martinez , Josie Tota and Harvey Guillen, the latter regularly appears in the FX vampire comedy ” What We Do in the Shadows”.

I hope Kayla Ewell and her new baby will be fine, and hopefully she’ll call Nanny Prince for help, because who wouldn’t want to see Sarah Michelle Gellar in babysitter mode with her friend’s baby?