Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley record video making fun of fight rumors


Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley record video making fun of fight rumors between them. In June, Nina Dobrev gave a somewhat controversial interview, saying that she didn’t always love Vampirie Diaries’s Paul Wesley. Earlier this week, however, Nina explained that her words were taken out of context … However, the controversy was already loose and the actress decided to joke about it with Paul, recording the best video you’ll see today!

On Instagram, she posted a video in which she apologizes to the actor and, after pretending that everything is fine, he pushes her “accidentally” in the pool. In the caption she wrote: “I despise you (heart emoji)”.

The video was released the day after the actress was asked again on the subject: “I think nothing else happened that week because all the vehicles talked about it. I felt like I was Brangelina. But I am not.”

In fact, Dobrev said he was “talking about all the things I love about Paul Wesley” at the time and that the misunderstanding lasted “a very short time. Just like any human. If you say you loved your parents and your brothers unconditionally from the moment you were born, you’re lying “.

“You guys spend every moment together – you probably spend more time with them than family, because you have to stay there from 5 am until midnight – or until 6 am the other day a few times,” she said. “You know each other without makeup, on good days, on bad days, when you’re hungry, thirsty, tired. Then there will be days when you get angrier. And that’s what happened – it’s not that we don’t like each other.” We just liked each other more now than before – and that, of course, was taken out of proportion. They took a sentence, took it out of context and deleted everything I said before, “he said.

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