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Not all vacations are relaxing, as can be seen at the resort. The dark comedy detective series “Peacock” tells about a couple who go to the Riviera Maya for their tenth anniversary and find themselves embroiled in the unsolved mystery of two teenagers who went missing 15 years ago.

Kristin Milioti and William Jackson Harper lead the ensemble of the Resort along with Nina Bloomgarden, Skyler Gizondo, Nick Offerman, Gabriela Kartol, Luis Gerardo Mendes, Debbie Ryan, Dylan Baker, Becky Ann Baker and Ben Sinclair.

On the eve of the premiere of the show on “Peacock”, Screen Rant spoke exclusively with star Nina Bloomgarden to discuss the “Resort”, her personal connection with the character and much more.

Screen Rant: I’m excited to talk about this series, I’ve been blown away by what I’ve seen so far, and I’m excited to see how it all ends. What about the Resort really attracted you to participate in the project?

Nina Bloomgarden: Well, first of all, the team they put together: Andy Ciara from Palm Springs and Ben Sinclair from High Maintenance, followed by Sam Esmail and Chad Hamilton with Mr. Robot. Individually, these are the people I want to work with, and then together, it’s just a mind-blowing mix of great minds. Then, yes, the script itself, it’s so weird, crazy and sad. And in this Violet really attracted me, we are very similar. There are frighteningly similar things going on in our lives, like dealing with losses and all that, so it was really the cherry on the cake.

What would you say if some of your biggest creative challenges penetrated Violet’s heart, even though they have similarities?

Nina Bloomgarden: Yes, so Violet is going through grief, she just lost her mother, and I lost my father less than a year ago, and I think it was very hard to grieve for Violet at times. But I was very lucky that it was with this character that I went through it, and we dealt with it in different ways, and it gave me empathy for how other people deal with grief, and how I deal with my own grief.

I also think there will be moments in the series when you see the memory of Violet losing her mom, and just trust yourself that I know how it happens, and don’t try to push and don’t try to create something. Because I knew that it was already living in me, and I didn’t need to overdo anything. I think it was a hard lesson because sometimes it’s hard to just be yourself when you’re playing a character because you don’t want to be so similar. But sometimes that’s what it is, and that’s what it calls for.

Speaking of your personal experience, what was it like to develop a relationship with Nick Offerman as your father in the series?

Nina Bloomgarden: Absolutely unbelievable. He hadn’t signed up yet when we started shooting, so I heard something in the background like, “Oh, Nick can be cast,” and I thought: “Okay, I’ll try not to get my hopes up.” He’s so generous, he’s so kind, he’s so loving. It was very easy to get into, and oddly enough, there are family photos in the flashback scene, and my mom happened to be visiting Puerto Rico, and we invited her to take family photos with us. So my mom is actually my mom in the series, technically, through the images, she was thrilled with Nick’s bear hugs around her. It was really fun and crazy.

I love when such small details get into projects. Your story, of course, can’t be told without mentioning Skylar’s role, either. What was it like to develop this chemistry with him behind the scenes?

Nina Bloomgarden: We were very lucky, because at the beginning of the scene we shot in order. We actually met on set on the first day of filming, we didn’t really talk, and I think we did it on purpose because Sam and Violet are dating each other too. The first thing we shot was a scene with a head wound, so it’s already very awkward, and we’re in each other’s personal space, but we don’t know each other and we, Nina and Skylar, we don’t know the crew yet. .

We’re all trying to figure things out, and I think it works great for our first few scenes because we were figuring out our dynamic, just like Sam and Violet were figuring out their dynamic. Fortunately, Skyler and I already had a really great banter, and we were able to develop it in our lives, which helped a lot on screen.

Resort Synopsis

A love story of several generations, growing up, disguised as a rapidly developing mystery about the disappointment of time. The anniversary trip puts the marriage to the test when the couple finds themselves embroiled in one of the most bizarre unsolved mysteries of the Riviera Maya, which happened fifteen years ago.

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