Nikon Made Its Courses Free For Anyone Who Wants To Take Photography


Nikon, one of the golden names of photography, has begun to offer a few courses for free under normal conditions. The deadline for watching the courses for free is April 30.

The best way to relieve the trouble is to evaluate the time these days when everyone’s house is closed due to coronavirus. Those who do not know how to fill up their time come with possible ways from many companies. Finally, Nikon has taken a very good step towards those who want to step into photography somehow.

Many people who want to take creativity out of photography can apply to Nikon’s photography courses. All Nikon courses, which normally charge $ 15 to $ 50, are free until April 30. Thus, there was another opportunity to spend the next 1 full month.

Nikon made a total of 6 hours of photography courses for free:
Nikon, which is one of the best known names of photography, does not only teach the basics of photography in the courses it makes. Among the courses on the platform, there are many categories of photography. Each user who is a member of the platform can access a total of 6 hours of courses.

Courses offered by Nikon for free include Nikon’s own products as well as fine points of photography. Users who start the courses are taught how to take pictures of children and pets, environmental photography, the art of making music videos, and macro photography.

You can use this link to access all courses offered by Nikon for free. To take advantage of the courses free of charge, you must first be a member of Nikon’s platform. You can then access the trainings prepared by professionals by logging into the platform.

Due to the fact that people stay in their homes in order to prevent the coronavirus, many companies have started to give their products, which are normally paid, to people free of charge. These include Apple’s $ 530 Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X applications, and Native Instruments’ synthesizer application. Thanks to these exemplary behaviors made by companies, people can stay in their homes much more comfortably.


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