Nikon Introduces New Flagship Nikon D6


Nikon, one of the most important camera manufacturers, introduced the new flagship Nikon D6, which it developed for sports and photojournalists. Nikon described the D6 as “Nikon camera with the most powerful AF system (autofocus)”.

Nikon introduced the new flagship DSLR camera for 2020. Opposing Canon’s Canon 1D C Mark III’s advanced video features, Nikon comes with D6’s powerful AF (autofocus) and AE (auto exposure) features.

While Nikon develops its new flagship camera, it seems that it has given more importance to photography than video. Nikon introduces the 105-point AF system, which it calls “the most powerful AF system in Nikon history”, with the Nikon D6.

The Nikon D6 not only uses a triple sensor structure to achieve an intense focus of 1.6 times more than its predecessor D5, but also allows the AF system to be customized.

Nikon D6 users will be able to set up to 17 special focus points in advance, depending on the subject they are taking. A new feature, also called “extended focus detection range”, increases the AF detection area for a single point or a moving area. The AF system can focus on the subject, even if the subject of the photograph remains out of focus.

The maximum burst rate was increased from 12fps to 14fps with maximum AF / AE tracking. This speed can be reduced to 10.5 fps in “silent mode” using the electronic shutter. Full HD (2MP) or 4K UHD (8MP) up to 30fps can be taken by pressing the shutter button during D6’s movie mode.

Nikon has installed several separate ports for sending data to the D6. The built-in 2.4 and 5 GHZ Wi-Fi, a USB-C port and two CFExpress card slots will allow Nikon D6 users to transfer data faster. Nikon D also allows recording of different combinations of settings with a single button. You can switch between different settings with 14 customizable buttons.

Nikon developed the Nikon D6, which it developed for professional use, with a durable body. Just like its predecessor, the D5, the Nikon D6 has a weather-resistant magnesium alloy body.


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