Nikki Lilly,Gaining Confidence with Videos Uploaded to YouTube


The young YouTuber in England, who had a serious health problem at the age of six, did not give up holding on to life and started uploading videos to YouTube. Nikki Lilly said she gained self-confidence through these videos.

The 15-year-old YouTube star Nikki Lilly interviewed the British Prime Minister, won the Junior Bake Off and made a ukulele presentation at Here Comes the Sun. Lilly is also officially recognized at the British Academy Children’s Awards next month and will be the youngest person to receive the Bafta Special Award.

So she’s going to do a lot more than a few Internet trolls that call him “ugly.” This young YouTuber was diagnosed with “arteriovenous malformation , a very dangerous disease at the age of six. This illness later affected his appearance and caused some health problems.

Two years later, Lilly began uploading videos to YouTube, initially closing comments on their videos. The young YouTuber later realized that these videos helped boost his self-confidence. Over the past seven years, Lilly has reached over a million subscribers, shooting make-up videos, talking about cyber bullying, and having fun with her family.

In an interview with BBC Two, Lilly said, ’As soon as you put yourself on the Internet, you open up to the world. Therefore, you get negative comments with positive. When I first started, I received the comment that you are very ugly ”.

The young YouTuber, who said he was impressed by those comments at the time, says that his self-confidence is lower than he is now and that he earns his self-confidence through videos. Lilly says he has received a lot of comments, and now he’s almost immune.

Since 2018, he has been presenting his own show at CBBC, Nikki Lilly Meets. He has interviewed British Prime Minister Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn. B Nikki is pioneering her own generation,, said Helen Blakeman, president of Bafta’s children’s committee. I am very happy to see Nikki’s work and extraordinary courage. ”

He is also aware of the social pressure he is exposed when using vlog platforms to spread positive messages. On platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, it receives positive messages as well as very negative messages. Even though I look different, I didn’t try to change myself, he says.


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