Nike To Release Ps5-Themed Sneakers

Nike and Sony announced that new designer sneakers will be launched in cooperation. The design process of Nike shoes, which reflect the blue and white color-focused PlayStation console, has been completed. It is planned to reach consumers soon.

PS5-themed new Nike sneakers in two different designs

Nike has announced two designs with sharp shades of blue and white, which are the same color scheme of its sneakers as the PS5. One will be mostly white with blue highlights to represent the physical console, and the other will be in blue with white highlights, similar to the color scheme of the PS5 main menu. The design of both shoes will feature a hanging tag on the tongue, insole and on the back, with the PS5 and Paul George logos as well as the logos of both brands.

It is anticipated that Nike PlayStation 5 sneakers, which they call PG5, will go on sale in May. However, no official date has been announced yet. Both PS5 sneaker designs will be available with a price tag of $ 110.

The firms also reported that they are confident that stocks will run out quickly. To give an example to stock issue; In September 2020, Beyonce’s shoes, which were taken out as part of the Superstar collaboration with Adidas, were sold out in less than 10 minutes. Google Alerts and push notifications for well-known publications like this one can become a collector’s best friends.

On the other hand, Paul George, who has been in the NBA for ten years and has been the junior striker of the Los Angeles Clippers team since 2019, has produced his own branded basketball shoes for a long time. In 2018, he worked with Sony and Nike to produce PlayStation 2 and original PlayStation-themed sneakers. PlayStation sneakers had colorful hues, while PlayStation 2 sneakers were black and starry to represent the main screen and color of the PS2 console.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, George said that his love for games and growing PlayStation consoles inspired him to collaborate with Nike in 2018. Nike is a name that is no stranger to opportunities in the video game industry. Recently, it launched its N64, Fortnite and League of Legends themed sneakers.



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