Nike Launches Sneakers Inspired by The PlayStation 5; Meet The PG 5


Nike, Basketball player Paul George had another opportunity to bring together two passions: sneakers and video games. This is how the PG 5 sneaker emerged, a collaboration between the PlayStation 5 team and Nike.

The Los Angeles Clippers winger says he has been a huge fan of Sony-made consoles all his life. So helping the two brands create basketball shoes has been one of their favorite pastimes in recent years.

The creation of PG 5 involved designers from Nike and Sony Entertainment. The partnership between the brands even had the participation of Yujin Morisawa, responsible for the design of the PlayStation 5.

With that, the shoes carry the colors of the recent console: black, white and blue. The logos of Paul George and the video game appear prominently on each tongue, on the insoles and on the soles of the shoes.

Proving to be really inspired by the PlayStation line, the pairs bring the iconic shapes of the buttons spread across the shoe. Detail similar to that seen in the recent DualSense control.

Release date of

The PG 5 PlayStation 5 will launch in select markets from May 14, 2021. To date, Nike has not revealed the price of the shoe and in which countries it will be available to fans and collectors.

For those interested, the suggestion is to download the Nike SNKRS application or follow the updates on the Brazilian shoe brand website.


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