Nike Inspired From NASA and Made A New Shoe


While continuing their duties, NASA wants to use materials in space to produce something new with a strategy called “On-Site Sourcing”. Based on NASA’s on-site sourcing, Nike recycled waste materials at its factories and produced a new shoe.

Suppose that NASA has accomplished its mission to Mars and discovered building materials available on Mars. Instead of taking materials from Earth, astronauts can produce different materials they need with these materials, which are available on Mars at less cost. NASA calls this Instead of Using Resources (ISRU).

NASA believes that the implementation of this strategy will minimize the amount of material transported from Earth to space. Reducing material transport from the Earth can enable space missions to be carried out with much lower budgets.

Based on this strategy from NASA, Nike has produced Space Hippie, which it says is the lowest carbon footwear ever produced. Space Hippie, Nike’s new shoe, is made of leftover materials from Nike’s factories. “We’ve found how to get the most out of least material, least energy and least carbon,” said John Hoke, chief designer for Nike.

In the statement made by Nike, it was stated that they produced shoes for the first time using recycling materials with Space Hippie developed. With this new business strategy, Nike aims to eliminate all waste and pollution from production.

Space Hippie, made of recycled materials, has four different models: Space Hippie 01, 02, 03 and 40. The shoes used orange and gray colors, including Nike’s iconic logo.

The upper part of the shoe was made with a “space waste yarn” made from 100 percent recycled materials, including textile scraps, t-shirts and plastic water bottles. The upper part of the shoe made with this thread is made of 90 percent recycled materials. 15 percent of the bottom of the shoe is made of recycled materials.

Space Hippie, produced by recycled materials, will be produced in limited numbers. However, people who will reach this limited number of shoes will have played an important role in promoting recycling. Nike will launch the limited edition Space Hippie this summer.


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