Nike Go FlyEase introduced; the most comfortable footwear


Nike announced the Go FlyEase sneaker, which can be worn without contact for both sports and daily use. With this shoe, which is priced at $ 120, we see how far the limits of shoe technology are being pushed.

The main innovation here is a double balanced hinge that allows the shoe to move between two positions. One of these two positions is a vertical position where the insole of the shoe fits at a roughly 30 degree angle so that you can slide your foot easily. The other is the constricted location where the outer layer fits tightly around the inner layer as you walk or run. In fact, we see that two shoes are used together effectively. The inner shoe pops out when needed.

According to Fast Company, this concept is based on the standard movement most people make while taking off their shoes, such as Crocs, slippers, classic shoes or vintage sneakers. With the “support leg” of Go FlyEase, this movement allows you to slide over the shoe and simultaneously support them by sliding the hinge. Nike says all transactions are done hands-free.

There’s more to it than aesthetics and laziness here. Nike designed this shoe with accessibility in mind. So for people who might have trouble bending over to tie their shoes or struggling with the act of lacing shoelaces, this shoe is a great option. The FlyEase brand was born from Nike designer Tobie Hatfield, who for years at Nike prioritized accessibility at the request of disabled people, and developed smarter accessible shoes than ever before. This effort has produced occasional self-lacing, Back to the Future-inspired shoes, some flashy, high-profile products like the Nike Mag, and more modern self-laced varieties like the HyperAdapt 1.0 and Adapt BB.

Fast Company, who tried Go FlyEase and said that the shoes are really comfortable, aptly describes the shoes as “the best COVID shoes”. Nike said the shoes will be on sale abroad “for select Nike Members” starting February 15. However, it is unclear how many units will be available for sale in the first run. The company says “wider consumer availability” is planned towards the end of 2021.


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