Nike: a former employee sells new models on Ebay!


Always at the forefront of fashion in sneakers, Nike is experiencing a strange leak. A former employee of the firm managed to get models never offered for sale out of the factories. Now he has put them on sale on Ebay.

For many years, Nike and Adidas have been fighting a merciless battle. If the competition is fierce with in particular Asics, Puma and many others it is these two brands which dominate the world market of sports equipment. A fight which, at first seemed to be focused on purely sports equipment. Lifestyle has become the nerve of war. And Nike and Adidas intends to take advantage of this new trend.

And to dominate your opponent, sneakers have become a flagship product. Nike and Adidas have understood this and are betting a lot on their sneaker collections. And in this little game, the comma mark seems to take the advantage. But a new leak could challenge this hierarchy. Or strengthen it. A former Nike employee has sold new models on Ebay.

And it is not a few models but several dozen that this anonymous employee revealed. In agreement with Shoezeum, a museum focused on sneakers, a photo of these new models have been revealed. We can see almost fifty pairs with sometimes amazing designs.

A collection that is therefore worth a lot of money. Never sold by Nike, these models are completely new. An exclusivity which therefore makes these models rare and very expensive. A first estimate considers that it is several hundred thousand dollars that one would have to spend to obtain one.

So, still motivated by the purchase of one of its original models? Should Nike be worried about this leak?


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