Nightwing’s Secret Sister Makes Him Weaker, Not Stronger


Warning! Ahead of the spoilers of Nightwing #94

The latest issue of DC Nightwing reveals that Nightwing’s secret sister Melinda is about to become a major weakness. While Melinda Zucco was one of Dick Grayson’s best allies in his battle for the heart of his city, now she has been compromised by the biggest crime boss of Newhaven Blockbuster. Now there’s a good chance that Nightwing’s entire mission is now in danger because of his sister.

It turned out that Dick Grayson’s half-sister, Melinda Zucco, is the daughter of John Grayson and the first wife of Tony Zucco (the man who shot Dick’s parents). She is also an FBI informant posing as a corrupt politician. After becoming the new mayor of Newhaven, pretending to work at Blockbuster, Melinda secretly became Nightwing’s inner woman once they met and Dick’s secret identity was revealed.

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Unfortunately, in the new Nightwing #94 from Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo, Melinda’s help to Nightwing is probably coming to an end. After the mayor helps Nightwing kill Police Commissioner McLean (a real corrupt official working for the Blockbuster), the Dishaven crime boss decides to share with Melinda his suspicions that someone from their inner circle is betraying him. However, Melinda’s kind heart and attempt to save Taser (whom she thought Blockbuster was going to kill) reveal the truth about her true motives as one of Nightwing’s allies, as she informed Dick about Blockbuster’s movements and planned attacks. Now it’s likely that Blockbuster will use Melinda against Nightwing in future challenges.

Expressing his disappointment that Melinda has been working against him all this time, it’s likely that Blockbuster will soon come to the conclusion that his two main rivals, Dick Grayson and Nightwing, are actually the same (if he hasn’t already). It’s no surprise if Blockbuster uses Melinda’s mother to get Melinda to give up on Dick as well. At the very least, he’s using her as a hostage to get Nightwing to stop interfering in his criminal empire.

While Melinda Zucco has been the main source of strength for Nightwing in his current battle for Newhaven, it looks like Dick’s half-sister will now be used to expose his weaknesses, giving Blockbuster an advantage as their fight continues. Naturally, Nightwing will undoubtedly do everything possible to save Melinda and keep her alive, even if he will most likely fall right into the trap of putting him exactly where the Blockbuster wants him. Nightwing #94 is already on sale.


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