Nightwing doesn’t even know who his real enemy is


Warning! Contains a preview of Nightwing #93.

A new preview of D.C.’s “Nightwing” confirms that Dick Grayson’s real enemy in Newhaven isn’t who he thinks he is. While Dick’s most constant enemy in Dishaven has long been a powerful Blockbuster crime boss, the teaser says that the new villain Nightwing the Heartless is finally ready to step out of the shadows. So this new preview suggests that Blockbuster will soon be the least of Nightwing’s worries.

In previous issues of DC’s Nightwing from Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo, the winner Eisner duo revealed how Dick Grayson has taken a whole new direction when it comes to saving his town of Newhaven. Having inherited billions of dollars from the late Alfred Pennyworth, Dick is trying to create a social protection system for the least fortunate in his city, creating new infrastructure and non-profit organizations to help those in need. Nevertheless, it is these people that the culprits of Newhaven use the most, playing a key role in their illegal operations. Thus, Nightwing and Blockbuster collided foreheads (both with Grayson in a mask and without him).

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Now, in the new Nightwing #93 preview, the Blockbuster faces the Heartless. Given that a new and mysterious enemy still remained in the shadows in Nightwing’s new “Battle of Bluehaven” arc, it doesn’t seem like Grayson even knew about the existence of the Heartless. The new villain also reveals that he wants Grayson to keep giving the city hope so that he can eventually destroy it all. In addition, he also wants to take control of Dishaven from Blockbuster, and the crime boss refuses to support this idea. Here are the preview pages and synopsis for the upcoming release:

Although it is unclear how the fate of any of the opponents will turn out after this initial fight, the synopsis indicates that the Blockbuster will remain the main threat to Nightwing for some time. At the same time, the disclosure of the true intentions of the Heartless One to seize the city suggests that in the near future he will take more public actions. Looking for those whose hearts are pure and will be missed the most, it seems that Grayson’s heart would be quite valuable given his recent efforts.

No matter which enemy comes after him next, Grayson’s new charity in Newhaven has certainly elevated Nightwing as one of the greatest DC heroes of all time. So it’s only natural that he has such a big goal on his back in this series. The full version of Nightwing #93 will be released on June 21.