Night mode reaches the Google Analytics app


Version 4.1 of Google Analytics for Android now brings the desired night mode to all users. The update continues Google’s application ecosystem with support for the feature, first announced last year. Previously, the last app to support the feature was Google Maps – an addition long awaited by fans.

In the new version, the application allows the choice of up to two themes in the night mode, which very well complements the set of applications with native support for the function, providing a comfortable user experience. As it is an official solution, the function is very well compatible, with dark screens and readable texts in both chosen modes.

The night mode also matches the new aesthetic of the application, presented with a more sober and minimalist version by Google in July this year. The update has more tools for users, who can now import new dashboards from previous versions, add custom dimensions and metrics, and quickly switch between Google accounts. The application is also more optimized, with the data updating automatically, with no manual adjustments required.

The update will be available soon for download on the Google Play Store, as soon as it is officially made available by the company.


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