Night in Paradise: Netflix has released its trailer


Netflix’s new Korean thriller noir, Night in Paradise, just got a trailer. The film, which is scheduled to open on April 9, is directed by Park Hoon-jung, known for his work on The Showdown, 2011, New Order, 2013 and The Witch: Part 1 – Subversion, by 2018. In addition, he also wrote the films I Saw the Devil, by director Kim Jee-woon and The Unjust, by Ryoo Seung-wan, both in 2010.

The suspense revolves around Park Tae-goo, played by Tae-goo Eom, who tries to get rid of all the dangers that haunt his life. The goal is to protect your beloved sister and nephew from any frame involving his name.

However, the two are killed in a deliberate accident by someone who was targeting Tae-gu. Still in complete shock, he decides to take revenge on whoever did this to his family.

Night in Paradise: learn more details about Netflix’s Korean thriller

With the script also signed by director and producer Park Hoon-jung, Night in Paradise is a noir thriller drama from South Korea.

Initially, the film premiered at the 77th Venice International Film Festival on September 3, 2020, where it was shown in the special non-competition exhibition category. It was the only Korean film invited to the Italian film festival last year.

In mid-October 2020, it was reported that Next Entertainment World could skip the theatrical release and premiere the movie on Netflix, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to the main actor, the cast is also formed by Jeon Yeo-been as Jae-yeon, Cha Seung-won playing Executive Ma, Lee Ki-young playing Kim Nong-mil, Park Ho-san in the shoes of Gang Boss Yang and Cho Dong-in bringing Jin-sung to life.

After the release, Night in Paradise is the third Netflix Original South Korean movie to be released in 2021. Recently, Korean productions, including the thriller The Call directed by Lee Chung-hyun, Time to Hunt by director Yoon Sung-hyun and Space Sweepers by director Jo Sung-hee skipped their theatrical releases and went straight to Netflix.

Night in Paradise will be available in streaming on April 9th. Be sure to check it out!


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