NieR creator and Square Enix are working on two games


In a talk show organized by Famitsu and V-Jump, it was revealed that Yoko Taro (creator of the NieR series) and Yosuke Saito (producer of Square Enix) are working together on two new games.

According to Saito, Yoko approached him in 2019 and said “I want to make this type of game”, with a proposal. At first the producer was completely against the idea, however, with Taro’s insistence (and with an hour-long presentation) he managed to convince him.

Even receiving a live pass for the production of the game, things are not so simple for the creator of NieR. The title still hasn’t gone very far in its development after a year and the Square producer has stated that if he could step back from the decision, he would.

In addition, the two are working on another game, in which both apparently agree. This title has received more attention and is expected to launch before the other.

Maybe until the launch of NieR Replicant ver.1.22 in April 2021 we have some news, right?

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