Nier: Automata – How to fight Emil


NieR: Automata, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, forces the player to familiarize himself with the vast wasteland in which he is set. If it wasn’t difficult enough to navigate the ghostly desert land, the numerous endings of the game will surely make fans scratch their heads.

The complete completion of NieR: Automata requires a lot of patience and dedication, but even in this case it is exceptionally difficult. The game’s secret boss Emil is perhaps the most elusive problem hidden beneath the crumbling world of NieR. Not only is he hard to find, his battle represents perhaps the most frightening encounter in the entire game.

Side quest Memories of Emil

To unlock the battle with Emil’s boss, you need to complete the side quest “Emil’s Memories”. This gives 2B and 9S access to his house where the battle will take place, but this may be a slow process due to Emil’s vague instructions. On Route C, players will need to find Emil in the ruins of the city and view his goods. After leaving the menu, Emil will remember about his past, hinting at his love for Moon Tears.

Once this piece of information is divulged, players can cross the bridge and enter the Commercial Facility to find the first Moon Tear of the quest. Exploring the far right corner of the room will open it and officially begin the quest. There are four more Moon Tears, but fortunately they will now be marked on the player’s map.

Moon Tear
How to find the first moon tear

Moon tears are scattered across the expanses of the NieR world, so players should use vending machines to quickly move to the nearest points. First, they will want to go to the amusement park and walk along the side path leading to the roller coaster. They should notice the Moon Tear as they make their way through the alleys.

How to find the second moon tear

The next Moon Tear can be found in the Forest Kingdom. Once there, players must head to the waterfall in the center of the area and descend to its base to find a small cave-like structure hiding beneath it. There is another Moon Tear inside.

How to find the third moon tear

Players will then need to travel into the desert from the ruins of the city to find what is possibly the most well-hidden Moon Tear. After entering this huge sea of sand, look ahead and to the left, and you will see the entrance to the cave. After going inside and falling through the inner hole, players will gain access to the area with a new camera angle. From here they will want to head west, then south before following a linear path until the camera returns to its normal position. Continuing along the spiral cave system will eventually take 2B outside, where he will need to climb the nearby platforms of the surrounding rocks. Players can then follow the next linear path until a more open area is reached, and use the capsule to glide to various cliff tops. After reaching a dead end, they must explore the back right corner of the area to find the Moon Tear.

How to find the fourth moon Tear

To get the final moon tear, players will need to go to the Flooded City. First, they have to go to the last part of the city and behind a small ruined building to find the last flower needed to complete a side quest.

Where to use the elevator key

Emil will appear to congratulate the group on the discovery of his Moon Tears. Struck by memories from his past, Emil will reward 2B and 9S with the elevator key. With this key in their hands, players must again go to a Commercial Facility and use the key on a previously inaccessible elevator.

The entrance will cause the elevator to descend for a long time before eventually opening into a new area covered in the elusive colors that 2B was just looking for. Emil will soon appear to explain who he is and reward the player with his own moon tear for listening.

In search of Emil’s house

After receiving the Moon Tear from Emil, players must return to the center of the city ruins to find the entrance to Emil’s house. Like the entrance to the Flooded City, this new area is accessible only through an opening in a large sewer pipe protruding from the crater rock. Players should ignore the crater for now and follow the path to the amusement park.

Eventually, the players will come to a gap blocking the 9S path. After jumping over it, they should start exploring the edge of the crater on the left. However, they need to be careful, as if they step too close, the 9S may fall. Facing the center of the crater, they should inspect the partially destroyed building just below and to the right, jump to it and land before turning slightly to the left. There will be a round pipe, from the base of which water will erupt. Using the capsule to jump inside, you will discover a secret elevator.