Nier Automata gets a new version for PC superior to Steam


Despite being one of the most acclaimed games of the generation, Nier Automata received a very problematic port for computers that ran worse than the console versions. Naturally, this frustrated the players who made their purchase through Steam in 2017.

However, we now have a new computer version taking advantage of the arrival of Nier Automata: Become As Gods Edition! The game that is on the Xbox Game Pass and Microsoft Store has a performance far superior to Steam, according to the first reports of the fans.

Apparently, Square Enix solved the framerate and resolution problems of the old version. Until today, it was only possible to get around these limitations by installing external mods made by fans, so it’s great to know that PC players can finally enjoy Yoko Taro’s science fiction in all its glory!

Are you going to give Nier Automata another chance now that he has arrived on the Game Pass? What is your opinion about the franchise? Comment below!


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