Nicole & Ways The Family Channel Chantelle Are Really Similar


Nicole Jimeno and her sister-in-law Chantelle Jimeno have been feuding for many years, but the stars of “Family Chantelle” may have more in common than they think. Nicole was named the villain in “The Chantelle Family” as she was determined to destroy the marriage of Chantelle and Nicole’s brother, Pedro Jimeno. Over the years, Nicole has received a lot of criticism from fans because of her bad attitude, which she often directs at Chantelle.

One of the most memorable arguments between Chantelle and Nicole occurred on screen when Chantelle misunderstood what Nicole said to her in Spanish. The former 90-day Fiance star thought Nicole had called her a “bitch” and ended up pouncing on her, shouting the iconic phrase: “bitch-ass, fucking whore.” Although Nicole and Chantelle strongly dislike each other and seem to be different personalities, there are some traits in which they are similar.

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Many fans of The Family Chantel believe that Nicole is too involved in the marriage of Chantel and Pedro. However, Nicole is not the only one who pokes her nose into other people’s affairs, as Chantelle also often interferes in the affairs of her family members. Most likely, her curious trait is inherited. Chantelle’s mother, Karen Everett, also often intervenes in family affairs. Although the motives for Chantelle’s intervention may differ from those of Pedro’s younger sister. However, both women tend to get very involved in people’s personal affairs.

Besides, Nicole and Chantelle seem vain. They appreciate superficial things and put a lot of effort into their appearance. Chantelle is known for her beautiful appearance, and recently there has been talk among fans that Nicole is trying to be like her daughter-in-law. Nicole’s vanity was confirmed when she admitted that she had worn braces for many years, because in the Dominican Republic it is considered a sign of wealth. Chantelle’s appearance has also changed since she first appeared in the 90-Day Groom series. The reality TV star often faces accusations of plastic surgery. Be that as it may, Nicole and Chantelle have been described as shallow, and Nicole’s transformation may be a sign of the understated admiration she feels for Chantelle.

Another feature that unites the two actors of the “Chantelle Family” is their desire to be the center of attention. They feel comfortable in the public eye and seem to thrive in the spotlight. Chantelle’s desire to be the center of attention is not necessarily so blatant, and Nicole is not afraid to demonstrate a bad attitude and shocking behavior in order to remain relevant. In any case, both women like to share their lives for everyone to see, and if necessary, they will ignite the drama. Although it seems that Nicole and Chantelle will never be friends, they have some character traits in common. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the two women don’t get along.