Nicole Kidman’s Iconic clip of Her Breakup with Tom Cruise has Gone Viral


Being a celebrity is a complicated thing. Although it is a dream that can bring money and opportunities, fame is also a double-edged sword. Any celebrities who have gone through a public divorce know that this is true, and former couples like Amber Heard/Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie are currently making headlines. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman had a famous breakup back in the 90s, and Kidman’s iconic clip about this breakup recently went viral on the Internet.

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were a star-studded Hollywood couple until their divorce in 2001. At the time, they were all over the news about this breakup, and countless headlines were discussing what could have happened between the two actors. Around the same time, Kidman appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” where she poked fun at Cruise in a moment of true shadow.

Shots were fired. Countless jokes have been made about Tom Cruise’s stature over the decades he has been in the public eye. And it seems that even his ex-wife took part in the fun shortly after their infamous breakup in the early 2000s. And people are rediscovering this wild punch and sharing it on social media.

The aforementioned clip is from a 2001 clip in which Nicole Kidman appears on David Letterman. When it came to her divorce from Tom Cruise, Kidman lashed out at the “Mission Impossible” star, saying with a smile:

Now I can wear heels.

This caused a huge public reaction during the recording and was undoubtedly discussed in the gossip magazines at the time. Although they didn’t have a complicated legal battle over their separation, Nicole Kidman probably had strong feelings. And only a hint of them was revealed when she joked about Tom Cruise’s height in a conversation with David Letterman.

Tom Cruise is a 5ft 7in actor and Nicole Kidman is 5ft 10in without heels. Best Shooter: The rise of the Maverick star has been the subject of countless jokes throughout his career, sometimes in connection with his past relationship with Kidman. Although the two actors have been separated for decades, and the “Big Little Lies” actress is now married to musician Keith Urban.

Despite any reproaches about his height, Tom Cruise has definitely been on a roll lately. “The Best Shooter: Maverick” has become a megahit in theaters, and fans are looking forward to his return as Ethan Hunt in the movie “Mission Impossible: Payback for Death, Part One.” Cruz has definitely shown himself to be a tough guy, participating in completely insane stunts in his recent films. And it looks like he may also reprise his role in Tropic Thunder sometime in the future.

It is expected that “Mission impossible. Payback for Death, Part One” will be released in theaters on January 14, 2023. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.


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