Nicole Kidman will return for at least another year in UMC advertising


Nicole Kidman will remain the face of AMC Theaters for at least another year. The Oscar-winning actress and producer with more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry is known for her extensive work in various film and television programs. Her filmography includes famous films such as With eyes wide closed, Moulin Rouge! Perfect strangers. With more than 90 credits on screen, crossing several genres, she has consistently remained one of the highest-paid actresses in the world.

Last fall, it was announced that Nicole Kidman had partnered with AMC Theaters for an advertising campaign worth more than $25 million, something no movie theater chain had done before. The campaign will focus on commercials starring Kidman, resulting in a minute-long commercial titled “We Make Movies Better.” The commercial is intended to be shown before each presentation of a full-length film in every AMC cinema, and it follows Kidman entering the AMC building from a rainy empty parking lot, uttering a dramatic monologue that includes lines such as: “For some reason grief feels good in a place like this” — about strength a movie when she watches a video montage. Kidman’s viral ad instantly became a pop culture sensation. She was parodied, praised, created memes and even printed on T-shirts.

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Now AMC has announced that Kidman has signed a contract with the public face of the cinema chain for another year. According to Seeking Alpha, AMC Entertainment chairman and CEO Adam Aron made the announcement during AMC’s earnings announcement for the second quarter of 2022, calling Kidman’s ad iconic and explaining why their campaign was so effective that they booked it for another year. Read Aron’s full quote below:

“As Nicole Kidman reminds us in the now iconic and revered AMC advertising campaign: “Given that there is something to tell in Hollywood, it becomes clear that moviegoers really want to enjoy these dazzling images on the huge solo screens of AMC.” Speaking of Nicole, our advertising campaign was so effective that we signed her as our representative for another year.”

While AMC was struggling a bit with the pandemic, Kidman came to their rescue with her advertising, which not only surprised moviegoers, but also forced them to return, which led to a healthy box office last quarter. She even played a role in contributing to the success of her ex-husband’s movie “Best Shooter: Maverick,” as summer blockbusters like this sequel and “Jurassic World: Dominion” helped boost AMC’s revenue. No wonder they want to bring her back after such an effective and well-received advertising campaign.

Although there is currently no news on whether AMC will continue to use the same ad for a second year or they will create a new one, no matter what, the movie theater chain and its viewers can count on Kidman in excellent advertising. And not only fans can now rejoice at this news, but it can be assumed that Kidman will be happy to continue his time with AMC. Kidman reacted to the popularity of the ad earlier this year by expressing her passion for cinema and the positive reception she received, saying, “It shouldn’t go away. We should have a movie.” So, no matter what AMC theaters do in advertising, in the second year of their work with Kidman, nothing detracts from the cult status of the first advertisement.


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