Nicole Brown Simpson’s Sister’s Reaction After Chris Rock Joked About Her Death on Stage


A few months have passed since the Academy Awards in 2022, but the public is still not in itself from the wild night events. In particular, when Will Smith came on stage and hit Chris Rock on TV shortly before receiving the award for best actor. People mostly rallied around Rock after this incident, but recently the comedian got into hot water because of his stand-up, where he referred to the death of Nicole Brown Simpson. And now her sister Tanya Brown has reacted to the fact that Rock has made a connection between the Slap and the murder of Simpson on stage.

While Will Smith has been largely out of the public eye for months after the Oscar slap incident, Chris Rock has been touring with his latest stand-up show. From time to time, he casually mentions that he was slapped at the Oscars, although this is not the main thing in his filming. This recently happened when Rock equated the return to the Academy Awards ceremony with the return of the late Nicole Brown Simpson to the restaurant where she was before she was killed. Tanya Brown told TMZ about this joke, calling it unfunny, illogical and unpleasant.

Mystery Brown’s comments weren’t quoted by TMZ, but it’s clear that Nicole Brown Simpson’s family didn’t react well to Chris Rock comparing his slap at the Oscars to a brutal murder. She claims that even her extended family was offended by the blow, which quickly went viral on social media. For his part, Rock did not respond when asked by the media to respond to the new controversy.

Chris Rock’s reference to Simpson’s death came in response to Oscar reportedly asking him to attend after what happened at this year’s ceremony. Those who knew Nicole Brown Simpson were not the only ones who took offense at the comedian who made this joke and compared his public humiliation to a double murder. People quickly started making noise on the internet, especially on social networks like Twitter. This is one of those rare cases when the court of public opinion has turned to Rock since The Slap. One such comment on social media read:

Yes, Chris Rock — you get spanked for all sorts of nonsense, and the brutal murder of Nicole Brown Simpson are completely comparable events. A great analogy. You completely care about violence against women. Now everything is clear to us.

The online discussion surrounding Chris Rock’s joke eventually sparked more talk about The Slap. In particular, how the public reacted to the public disrespect for Jada Pinkett Smith, compared to how people came out in defense of Nicole Brown Simpson. One person tweeted:

Don’t respect a black woman, and that’s okay. But damn it, don’t respect a dead white woman, and he’s hated.

Obviously, emotions are still running high when it comes to the “Slap in the Face” as well as the death of Nicole Brown Simpson. And smart money says that the consequences of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock will continue to be felt for the foreseeable future. We’ll just have to wait and see if Rock responds to his ambiguous joke about Simpson. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.


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