Nicolas Cage will play the main role in the comedy A24, which is produced by Ari Astaire


Continuing the revival of his career, it was announced that Nicolas Cage will appear in the upcoming comedy project of studio A24 called Dream Scenario. Cage has recently been seen in the amazing neon movie “Pig”, “The Unbearable Weight of a Huge Talent” as a parody of himself and in the parody horror “Five Nights with Freddy” “Willie’s Wonderland”.

According to Deadline, Cage will team up with A24 star screenwriter and director Ari Astaire for a “Dream Script.” Details about the project are currently unknown, but Cage’s star will take part in it, and Astaire and Lars Knudsen will be the producers of the Square Peg banner. The script will be written and directed by Kristoffer Borgli.

In addition to Aster and Knudsen, Jacob Jaffke and Tyler Campellone will produce together with A24. Dream Scenario will be the fourth joint project between Aster and Knudsen’s Square Peg banner after Hereditary, Midsommar and the upcoming Disappointment Blvd project. starring Joaquin Phoenix. Director Borgli saw the premiere of his debut feature film “Sick of Myself” at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year.

Cage’s performance as the isolated owner of a truffle pig in “Pig” received rave reviews, many called it a performance in his career, as the actor claimed several awards during the year. Following the success of “Pig”, Cage appeared in the metacomedia parody “The Unbearable Weight of a Huge Talent”, where the actor played an enhanced version of himself along with Pedro Pascal, who played Cage’s superfan and a dangerous criminal who hired the actor to attend his birthday. Along the way, Cage is recruited by the CIA, and is visited by different versions of his past self.

Cage, 58, also has several projects under development. “Butcher’s Crossroads” will see Cage in the film adaptation of John Williams’ novel about an Ivy League dropout who joins buffalo hunters in Colorado. Cage’s turn as Dracula in the upcoming “Renfield” is also not far off, a story dedicated to Dracula’s henchman Renfield, played by Nicholas Hoult.

Astaire is best known for his disturbing films Legacy and Mid-Solstice, released under the A24 label. Legacy stars Toni Collette as the matriarch of a grieving family that slowly sinks into a dark and supernatural place. Midsommar sees Florence Pugh and Jack Raynor as a couple who travel to Sweden for the Midsommar Festival only for a sinister pagan cult to overshadow the celebration.

The dream scenario is in development on A24.


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