Nicknames Chicky-Chicky-Parm-Parm and Tom’s Best Parks & Rec Food


Tom Haverford had some weird food and drink names at Parks And Rec, like “Chicky Chicky Parm Parm,” and here’s an explanation for each of his nicknames. “Parks and Recreation” debuted in 2009 and is proof that sometimes it takes a show a season or two to get back on its feet. The first episode is by far the weakest in the series, but the creative team adjusted what worked and abandoned what didn’t work, so starting with the second season, it was one of the funniest shows on television. It helped that he had a comic ensemble that included Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Aubrey Plaza, Rob Lowe and many others, of course.

“Parks and Recreation” lasted for seven seasons and came to an end in 2015. The actors briefly reunited in a video chat for a special issue of Parks and Recreation in 2020, which explained what their characters were doing and how they felt during COVID-19. Although both Poehler and Parks And Rec co-creator Mike Schur have stated that they are ready for a revival, it seems that the chances of reuniting such a busy line-up would be a great feat in itself.

One of the audience’s favorites in “Parks and Recreation” is Tom Haverford, played by Aziz Ansari. Tom is the right-hand man of bureaucrat Poehler Leslie Knope, although he is not very single-minded and is more interested in entrepreneurship and starting his own business, such as Rent-A-Swag. He also had a talent for coming up with quirky nicknames, such as the famous scene from the season 3 episode of Parks and Recreation “Kindred Spirits”. This shows how Leslie matches up with Tom on a dating site called and when she asks him out on a date to find out exactly why they are so good for each other, Tom is seen listing his food nicknames to the documentary crew.

Aliases Tom’s Parks & Rec Food

Desserts – ‘ZertsEntree – Tray TraysSandwiches – Sammies / Sandoozles / Adam SandlersCakes – Big Ol’ CookiesNoodles – Long Ass RiceFried Chicken – Fri Fri Chicky Chicken Parm – Chicky Chicky Parm ParmChicken Cacciatore – Chicky CatchEggs – Pre Birds / Future BirdsRoot Beer – Super WatersTortillas – Bean Blankets

Needless to say, Tom Haverford’s food nicknames at Parks And Rec are creative, if a little weird. “Chicky Chicky Parm Parm” for chicken and “Adam Sandlers” for sandwiches are probably the most famous of the episode, although “zerts” or “big ol” cookies are also quite memorable. In the same monologue, he also calls forks “rakes for food” and air conditioners “cool blasters”.

Parks and Recreation is a show that has always given its actors a chance to prove themselves, and Tom Haverfood’s nicknames are one of the most defining character scenes. After the series ended, Ansari starred in the title role and created the Netflix show Master Of None, where the 3rd season was not dedicated to Dev Ansari, and a special stand-up of Aziz Ansari: Right Now in 2019.


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