Nicki Minaj: his wax statue is completely failed! (PHOTO)


The wax statue of Nicki Minaj is a disaster. She is nothing like the American singer and is considered racist.

Bad news for Nicki Minaj. The wax statue intended to represent the star is far from resembling the young woman.

Everyone remembers the flop of the Cristiano Ronaldo statue. This bronze bust did not look like the young footballer at all. Indeed, this one looked more like a Donald Trump passed under a truck in a cartoon version. Fortunately, the sculptor’s error was quickly rectified. But the moment of discovery of the bust of the champion will probably remain in the anal! This time, it’s Nicki Minaj who lends her features to a reproduction.

Not long ago, the singer announced her withdrawal from the scene. To celebrate his departure and especially so that nobody forgets Nicki Minaj, the star was treated to his own wax statue. Exhibited at the Tussauds Museum in Berlin, the latter did not have the expected success. Indeed, this is a real fiasco! The icon of American rap is then frozen forever in the famous museum of stars!

If for the moment, Nicki Minaj has not mentioned the ugliness of the work, we can imagine what she must think of it. In the heart of the Jungle, the museum has therefore chosen to place the false rapper in a very sensual position. Like the star, the creators then reproduced the movements of the young woman. Its position is therefore reminiscent of the famous clip “Anaconda. ”

So far so good, but Nicki Minaj’s face is far from the features of Kenneth Petty’s wife. Indeed, the statue is a mixture between a Kourtney Kardashian and a Nicki Minaj from the 2040s in full descent from LSD. Also, the Black Community denounces here a racist act. The skin color of the star would have been bleached … This is already a lot of criticism. Let’s add that most visitors like to take pictures of themselves in the middle of a sexual intercourse with the singer….


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