Nicki Minaj Shocks Fans and Goes Naturally on Instagram!


With each appearance on the Web, Nicki Minaj makes the happiness of her millions of fans. And for good reason !

With it, Internet users do not have time to be bored. The famous American rapper reveals everything about her hectic daily life.

Outfits and make up of the day, extracts from his songs and new announcements, everything goes! And the fans rejoice …

They follow the crazy adventures of their idol en masse, in search of new nuggets. There is plenty to do !

As a result, Nicki Minaj has no less than 123 million subscribers on Instagram, her favorite platform. Just that !


Nicki Minaj recently added a brand new video to her Instagram feed. What to make the happiness of his audience.

The interpreter of The Night Is Still Young thus appears in the hands of her hairdressers and makeup artists. We love !

And to everyone’s surprise, the famous American singer is not yet fully made up. Yes, you did hear!

It’s not every day that you get to see her natural face. Surprised, Internet users then reacted en masse to their idol’s post!

They still can’t believe it … So, the comments are under the post of Nicki Minaj, the singer with many hits.

So we let you admire!

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