Nicki Minaj says he will stop using Instagram after the end of the likes and justifies with theory


The Instagram of Brazilians has stopped showing the number of likes in posts for months, but the change is only being implemented now in the United States. And Nicki Minaj is part of the team that doesn’t approve of the news.

The rapper used Twitter to discount her frustration with the platform. “I won’t post on Instagram after this week because they will remove the likes. What should I like now? Think of all the free time I will have in my new life, ”he wrote.

When confronted by her followers, the rapper explained her theory about how companies control the population: “First they got the engagement off by tweaking the algorithm. Then they promote how much the new iPhone is better. I mean, how much better is this new Instagram function. Let me guess, you don’t believe the iPhone is a problem when a new version comes out. ”

According to Nicki, record labels are also involved, because they don’t like how independent artists get power through Instagram. “They all work TOGETHER. Unlike us… we are satisfied with crumbs. ”

The rapper stressed that her discontent is not because of the end of likes, but the control exercised by companies and platforms when responding to a follower. “The fact that you think the conversation is about likes is even funny. I mean… sad… and a little scary. ”

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