Nicki Minaj Posts Anti-Vaccination and Twitter Sees No Rules Violation


Nicki Minaj: The social network Twitter will not act to correct the misinformation and anti-vaccine content published by singer Nicki Minaj on her profile last Monday night (14).

The artist with 22.6 million followers criticized the requirement that all guests to the Met Gala 2021 be vaccinated and, as she herself has not yet been immunized, opted to stay out of the event.

In the publications, she reports that she “will do enough research” on whether or not to take a vaccine and that she would not take the dose just for the party, but recommends everyone to use safe masks.

In addition, she reported that her cousin, who lives in Trinidad & Tobago, “will not get vaccinated because her friend got immunized and became impotent” because of swollen testicles.

In the comments, health experts warn that this is not one of the few and rare side effects of the vaccine. “So just pray about it and make sure you’re comfortable with your decision, not intimidated,” wrote the artist.

On the other hand, Minaj also said that she “will likely be vaccinated” to go on tours, as proof of immunization will be requested at airports, and left the choice of whether or not to receive immunization up to each person.

And now?

Despite the anti-vaccination content and containing disinformation, not to mention the great dissemination capacity of a celebrity, the publications will not even be flagged as potentially false on the site. “The tweets you are referring to are not in violation of Twitter rules,” a spokesperson for the platform told The Verge.

Twitter recently partnered with news agencies to combat fake news on the network, while platforms like Facebook actively delete accounts and pages of anti-vaccine influencers.


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