Nicki Minaj poses with her husband in tight-fitting jumpsuit


Nicki Minaj poses with her husband on her Instagram account. The singer returns to the front of the stage for the year 2020. Nicki Minaj is unanimous on her Instagram account with her husband. Her sexy look pumps and jumpsuit brings her thousands of likes on the networks.

Nicki Minaj has decided to make it big for this new year. For her first post in 2020, the singer set fire to the social network. Indeed, she chose a very particular look to reveal herself on Instagram. Although she had decided to deviate a little from the media world, she returned in force alongside her husband. Yep … the young woman can’t stand to stay in the shadows for very long.

In fact, she just posted not one, but two photos! Sexier than ever, Nicki Minaj stands in the bay window of her living room. Indeed, she wears an ultra tight-fitting gray jumpsuit. It perfectly wraps its generous shapes. And for once, vulgarity is not there. The American barbie therefore reveals an imposing buttocks and a very bulging chest through her outfit.

And to sublimate her bimbo look, Nicki Minaj stands on a pair of extremely high white pumps. Also, she carries a small transparent handbag. But that’s not all ! In addition to her accessories, the singer also chose a very special wig! Long blond hair with pink streaks that goes down to her buttocks! To accompany the look of his wife, the star’s husband also dressed accordingly.

Thus, he wears a predominantly pink colored t-shirt to match with Nicki Minaj’s hair . And for the rest, gray jeans and a pair of sneakers do the trick. Besides, the two stars seem more in love than ever. Indeed, the young man gently places his hand on the back of his dear and tender. So cute !