After announcing his retirement, Nicki Minaj has once again become the focus of all media attention. And no, not only after having gotten involved in joking with a collaboration with Adele. The Megatron interpreter has given a few words to her partner and friend Ariana Grande who has thrilled her millions of followers.

Nicki and Ariana have become two of the greatest references, and not only in music, but also in the most personal sphere. Many and many dream of finding a friendship similar to that our two protagonists have built through their profession.

For more inri, both have returned to join in a new project with Normani that comes under the title of Bad To You. A song that will sound on the soundtrack of Charlie’s Los Angeles movie, in which Grande’s hit with Lana Del Rey and Miley Cyrus, Don’t Call Me Angel, can also be heard.

This has only strengthened the undoubted friendship that these two pop and hip-hop artists share. Proof of this are the words that Nicki Minaj shared with Entertainent Tonight. “I am very proud of her because she has produced this album and I am very proud to be part of something that is her baby. It is always a pleasure to work with her because we, unlike other artists, have a real friendship out there, in the real world. People don’t realize that. I mean, we write to each other, we do facetime and we get on our nerves. Things like that, “he said.

So emotional is the message that Minaj wanted to send to her friend and companion Ariana Grande, with whom she has added years of projects and successes. Bad To You is the successor of a long list of topics that both have shared throughout their trajectory. Get On Your Knees, Bang Bang, Step on Up, Side To Side, The Light is Coming and Bed form the rest of their musical unions.

The followers of our protagonists must wait to hear new collaborations, because the rapper has announced her retirement from music. Willing to take a new step and start a family with his boy, Nicki has parked his musical projects temporarily or indefinitely. Of course, he has launched a collaboration with the luxury fashion firm Fendi that has opened new paths and goals in his career.

We will have to wait to know that if the artist is encouraged to delight us with new themes soon or if, on the contrary, she has closed a book full of successes forever. You will always have your friendship with the 7 Rings interpreter.


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