Nicki Minaj Could Have Been Married To Kenneth Petty In Secret


Nicki Minaj is in a moment of great happiness. Recently, the rapper revealed that she could have already married Kenneth Petty. The reason that leads many of her followers to think this is a video that the celebrity uploaded on her personal Instagram account.

In the recording you could see a series of objects that bore names such as: boyfriend, husband and wife. Some who drew more attention were a black cap and a cup, which had the word: “Mr”, which means sir in Spanish. Watch the video here:

Nicki Minaj put in the description of the clip: “Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty 10-21-19”. Although he gave no more details about the subject This has caused that Nicki’s followers have begun to make several theories about the publication of the post.

Among the most guessed guesses, there are those who say that these accessories are proof that the wedding between Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty has already taken place and that the numbers engraved on the cup is actually the date on which it took out the ceremony Although so far, the celebrity has not officially said that the wedding has happened. We will continue to inform.

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