Nickelodeon Fans Are Thrilled to Have Kenan and Kel on Netflix, But There’s Another Problem


Nickelodeon fans at the age of millennials have something to celebrate, as several fan-favorite films of the network’s “golden era” have been added to Netflix. Among the recent arrivals is “Kenan and Kel”, in which, of course, the actors of “All This” Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell starred. While fans are happy to revisit their favorite comedy, with or without a good burger, there’s one glaring problem that some have been talking about: a Netflix subscription won’t actually give you all the available seasons.

“All This,” “Kenan and Kel,” “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide,” and “Zoey 101” were recently added to Netflix, which greatly pleased fans of OG Nickelodeon for the opportunity to experience all the awe of orange soda. What adds to the jubilation is the fact that all the shows, in fact, appeared without much advertising hype, which made one Twitter user very happy that they really have something to watch:

Kenan and Kel are on Netflix, and you made me watch some random nonsense here during lunch breaks?!? June 22, 2022

Another Twitter user is backing Netflix for adding some rare Nickelodeon gems to the streamer, although there’s also a bit of a shadow in the mix given the idea that this is a “rare” win.

no shit. they posted zoey 101, declassified neds and all that, and Kenan and Kel on netflix. Rare W for Netflix June 22, 2022

Unfortunately, just like when Netflix added iCarly, only the first two seasons of Kenan & Kel are available for streaming, with no clear indication of whether the other two seasons will be available. Even though the two seasons of Kenan and Kela on Netflix are definitely better than nothing, it would be even better if all four seasons were added. This is not a very rare thought. In the first hours after the series was released on the streamer, _JohnnyDaughter turned to Twitter to ask for calm from the streaming giant.

I need all the seasons of Kenan and Kel on @netflix

However, do not be afraid of those who find it impossible to watch the third and fourth seasons online. Twitter user imhimcapo makes sure that people know which streamer to use, since all four seasons are really available on a Paramount+ subscription.

Netflix has only 2 seasons of Kenan and Kel. Paramount+ got them all

Despite the missed episodes, people are still excited about the opportunity to watch at least a few seasons of their favorite Nickelodeon series. And you can bet that people have even mentioned the loss of Netflix subscribers as a reason for adding shows aimed at younger generations spending money. They have to attract subscribers in one way, and they definitely know their audience if that’s the case.:

Zoey 101 and all that, and Kenan and Kel are being added to Netflix at the same time. Oh, they’re doing everything they can to restore their subscription

Fortunately, fans have the opportunity to watch the entire series on Paramount+ in the USA, and who wouldn’t? This raises the question of why Netflix can’t or can’t just add the entire series along with other Nickelodeon series. Perhaps, since the show was already on Paramount+, there were conditions in the contract limiting how much could end up elsewhere. At least there are different ways of viewing.

Last year, Kenan Thompson paid tribute to his former network for his current and long-running career on Saturday Night Live. Thompson started “All This” before he had his own show with his “All This” co-star Kel Mitchell. According to Mitchell, the two are still “talking all the time,” which gives fans additional hope that they will present some of these reunions on television in the future.

You can watch the first two seasons of Kenan and Kel on Netflix or, if you have Paramount+, watch the entire series right now.