Nick Young named an NBA Player He would Like to Box


Widely advertised pay-per-view boxing matches have recently become a fashionable pastime for both celebrities and former athletes.

Former NBA player Nick Young is one of the latest celebrities to throw his name into this ring. Earlier this summer, “Swaggy P” was scheduled to fight rapper Blueface on the undercard before the event was canceled.

During a recent appearance on boxing with Chris Mannix, Young revealed which NBA player he would most like to box with.

“D’Angelo Russell… a few guys from the Warriors, a few guys from the Lakers… a couple of coaches,– he said.

It is known that Young had disagreements with Russell during the rookie season at number 2 overall with Los Angeles, when Russell secretly recorded and leaked a video in which Young talks about cheating on his then fiancee, Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.

After leaving the league in 2018, Young repeatedly referred to this “snitch” video. It’s been six years since the famous incident, but it seems Young still harbors a grudge against the offensive defenseman, who is now the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Young’s fight with Blueface has been postponed and will now take place next weekend, September 10.


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