Nick Viall “often” talks about his future with girlfriend Natalie Joy: “I am very grateful to her”


Take your time! Nick Viall and his girlfriend Natalie Joy are in no hurry to move on to the next step in their relationship, but this topic has been raised once or twice.

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“I am very grateful for the relationship I have with Natalie,” the 41—year-old host of the “Viall Files” podcast told Us Weekly during a joint interview with Bachelor Nation’s Ben Higgins before their Tuesday, August 9, Celebrity Beef. appearance. “[I’m] very excited [about] the direction this is going and the pace at which it’s happening.”

The Bachelor season 21 continued: “We often talk, you know, about our future together and our relationship, and I’m not trying to [rush]. I don’t think any of us [are] trying to get ahead of ourselves, but we’re definitely grateful for the direction it’s heading in.”

When asked if he was “itching” to walk down the aisle with 23-year-old Joy, Viall simply teased: “Stay with us.”

The couple went public with their romance in January 2021 after being linked for several months. “It was very romantic,” Viall later joked on his podcast about how he struck up a relationship with a surgical technologist. “We kind of kept hanging out, and she finally got to the point where she said: “I want to date,” and I’m like, “I don’t know”… she just said: “Good.” That’s what I want. It’s okay, it’s okay, but I’m going to do my thing,” and she did, and I was like, “What?!”… she went and showed me exactly what I was missing.”

By February 2021, an insider informed us that the couple were “practically inseparable,” adding: “Their relationship is quite real.”

Timeline of Nick Viall and Natalie Joy’s relationship

As Viall and Joy’s bond continued to strengthen, a second source predicted in November 2021 that the engagement could take place “very soon.” The Wisconsin native’s friends “can’t wait [for the engagement] because they know how long he’s been waiting to find the One,” according to an insider who told us the couple are “very in love.”

Fans met Viall in 2014 during the season of Andy Dorfman’s Bachelorette party, where he made it to two finals, but was rejected in favor of the winner Josh Murray. The “Dancing with the Stars” graduate returned the following year to pursue Caitlin Bristow, again narrowly missing out on a final rose. In August 2016, Viall was chosen as the bachelor and ended his season engaged to Vanessa Grimaldi. They announced their departure a few months after the final in March 2017.

“We have given this relationship everything in our power, and we are saddened that we did not get the fabulous ending we had hoped for,” they told us in a joint statement in August 2017. “We will continue to be close to each other, no matter what. . It was not an easy decision, however, when we break up, we do it with great love and admiration for each other.”

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Despite his turbulent romantic past, Viall is optimistic about the future with Joy. The couple celebrated their two-year anniversary in July by toasting their relationship at the Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn.

“When you don’t know the exact date of your anniversary, so instead you just celebrate it for 2 weeks in a row to make sure you don’t miss it,” the reality star teased on Instagram. “Always start from the place where we met.”

A healthcare specialist scattered in the comments: “Congratulations on the anniversary every day [so in the original] next month. I love you!!!”

Viall and Higgins will meet face to face on E!’s Celebrity Beef on Tuesday, August 9, at 22:00. ET.

With a report by Cristina Garibaldi


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