Nick Viall Claims Season 19 of “Bachelorette Party” was “Hell to Shoot”


According to former bachelor Nick Viall, in the upcoming season of the Bachelorette party with Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windi, there were problems with filming. The nineteenth season of The Bachelorette Party went down in history as the first season of the show, in which double main roles were played throughout the season as the bachelorette party. The decision to have two main characters was apparently a quick one made by the show’s producers. Rachel and Gabby became finalists of the 26th season of The Bachelor, hosted by Clayton Echard. Both women had a strong relationship with Clayton; However, Susie Evans, another contestant on the season, was ultimately who Clayton decided to be with. Bachelor Nation fans really liked Rachel and Gabby, and instead of choosing which breakout star should be the next bachelorette, the producers decided to choose them both.

After the announcement was made, many expressed their excitement that The Bachelorette Party would follow this format, but were not sure how the season would go. Some believed that women would compete with each other, while others believed that doubling the advantage would not make the season good. Later it turned out that the format would remain the same until the third rose ceremony, at which Rachel and Gabby will be handing out roses to the men they are interested in. After that, the series will tell about the love journeys of both women with the men they have chosen. .

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In his Viall Files podcast, Nick said he talked to the show’s producers and they admitted that this season of “Bachelorette” was not easy to shoot. “They said that filming was hell because they decided to have two bachelorette parties, for example, at the last second,” Nick commented. “So, the schedule was for one bachelorette party. They had to cram it all in.” Former bachelor Nick also said that due to the stress associated with the filming of the season, producers will most likely no longer follow this format. “The people I talk to hope they will never do it again. Just because of logistics,” he said. The Bachelor Nation graduate mentioned that parts of the show will take place on a cruise ship, and the ship poses a lot of problems for producers.

Nick also talked about the rules of the show and how women will interact with men, noting that the show will be like “Bachelor in Paradise.” “What sets paradise apart is that people have a choice,” Nick said, but for Gabby and Rachel’s “Bachelorette Party” season: “As far as I understand, they will be sharing men very soon, for example, everyone will basically [have] their own season. It would be like if two friends went to a bar and after the first night just decided — or go to a party and ask, “Who do you like?” And they just decide.” Viall mentioned that the producers of the show are doing everything possible for women to work together, not compete.

Judging by Nick’s teasers for the 19th season of the Bachelorette Party, it seems that fans have something to wait for. Jesse Palmer will be the host of the show, although he is not a favorite of many Bachelor Nation fans. Soon Rachel and Gabby will have the opportunity to choose from 32 potential suitors, some of whom have already fallen in love with fans.