Nick Viall and Natalie Joy address Katie Thurston’s Revelation that She blocked Him: “She’s Lying”


Breaking his silence. After Katie Thurston announced that she had blocked Nick Viall, former bachelor and girlfriend Natalie Joy questioned her intentions.

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During the new episode of the podcast “The Viall Files”, which was released on Monday, July 11, the couple mentioned Thurston’s decision to name her contestants after her season ended last summer.

“I hear so much [during The Viall Files] about everyone. I know so much, that’s why I have this rule. If people want to post materials that we can respond to, [then] fine. But I don’t want to broadcast the underwear of people I hear or how they treated other people,” explained 41-year-old Viall, referring to the former bachelor’s random questions and answers on Instagram.

He continued: “I’ve heard terrible stories about my peers, but I don’t want to tell everyone about it. It’s like [Katie] feels like she owns these guys from her season.”

24-year-old Joy, for her part, indicated that she has “such a problem” with the recent comments of 31-year-old Thurston about Viall.

“I was really touched when I was tagged in a cute little TikTok video on Instagram where Miss Katie Thurston talks about Nick. I watch it and am very confused because [it starts] with someone asking: “Why does Nick Viall hate you?” And she says, “Nick Viall is blocked on my phone.” As if she has any reason for this. block Nick,” the model shared. “I know for a fact that Nick was only trying to help her and give her advice. Which she never accepted.

Timeline of Nick Viall and Natalie Joy’s relationship

The Maryland native, who went public with Viall in January 2021, said Thurston was “trying to protect herself” from texting the podcast host. “I think she’s lying and I think we need to show the truth,” Joy said before asking her boyfriend to read his latest text message from a former bank marketing manager.

Viall recalled discussing her season with Thurston when it was still being broadcast.

“The whole conversation started with me tweeting something about her upcoming episode and she texted me, ‘Best TV show? Boo.” Then I quickly thought about this episode,” he said. “But the text Natalie was referring to was: “Ultimately, my opinion of Greg doesn’t matter. I knew before he left that he wasn’t the One. It was hard to look at it and always give him approval, only for him to leave the way he did. But I already knew then that he had no chance, and I would have worked in the real world.”

After his girlfriend read the text from Thurston, Wyall added: “Then I wrote: “It’s good that you have clarity. As long as you’re happy, that’s the main thing.”

The couple’s response came after Thurston made headlines by joking that she was “forgetting” about Viall’s existence. — Nick Viall doesn’t like you? Nick Viall is blocked on my phone. Here’s some tea for you,” she told fans during a TikTok Live Q&A session on Sunday, July 10. “I don’t know, Nick just—I don’t know what to say about him, to be honest.”

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She continued, “Sometimes I get private messages like, ‘Oh my God, Nick won’t stop talking shit about you.’ One day I texted him and said, “Hey, just so you know, people find what you’re saying [about me] a little weird.” In short, he basically [turned everything over on me]. He said, “It’s great that you have fans who care about you! Don’t take it personally!”. You do, Nick. See you upstairs.”

Initially, Thurston became famous after she starred in season 17 of The Bachelorette. After a complicated relationship with contestant Greg Grippo, the Washington native left engaged to Blake Moines. They broke up in October 2021, almost three months after the finale aired.

A month later, Thurston revealed that she had reunited with John Hersey after sending him home at the start of her season. The duo dated for less than a year before breaking up in June.