Nick Saban’s Punishment Request Revealed: College Fans’ Reaction – The Spun: What’s Trending in the World of sports today


Texas A&M officials are still unhappy with what Alabama head coach Nick Saban said a couple of weeks ago.

During the interview, he mentioned Texas A&M and accused the football program of paying players to attend school.

Saban even went so far as to say Texas A&M bought every player in its top recruiting class this year.

A&M officials are now demanding that Saban be fined or suspended after such comments.

“Coach Saban’s statement is false, beneath the dignity of the SEC and corrodes the fabric of sportsmanship in college football in general and especially in the SEC,” reads a statement on On3. “We expect the league to take decisive public action against Coach Saban and the University of Alabama to demonstrate that such unprofessionalism and disrespect for students-athletes, coaches and Texas A&M University are not allowed.”

“Coach Saban’s public apology to Coach Fisher, Aggie Football, and Texas A&M University is a good starting point, but the league should also consider monetary and participation penalties against Coach Saban.”

College football fans really don’t see the need for this.

October 8th can’t come soon enough.