Nick Saban Reveals Position on Expansion of College Football Playoffs


Nick Saban has gone through an interesting arc when it comes to opposing/supporting College Football’s playoff expansion.

Earlier this year, Alabama’s head coach said the expansion would “minimize” the importance of bowl games. But now that the CFP expansion plan is officially in development, he’s starting to change his mind.

Saban believes that the new expansion plan with 12 teams will not allow more high-quality players to stay away from participating in the postseason.

“Bowling games are not what players want to play,” he said during a Back on the Record interview with Bob Costas. “Now the players refuse to do it if it’s not part of the playoffs. That’s why I’m in favor of expanding the playoffs.”

Last week, the CFP board of managers voted unanimously to expand the postseason field to 12 teams, which will take effect sometime between 2024-2026.

Ultimately, this expansion will have little impact on the Crimson Tide’s chances in the postseason. Since the current four-team model was introduced in 2014, Saban and Alabama have only missed the playoffs once.

The Crimson Tide is currently considered the No. 1 team in the country. ,


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