Nick Saban Reveals His New Idea for College Football Bowls


Alabama head coach Nick Saban has an interesting idea for the College Football Bowl season.

Saban spoke Tuesday at SEC Media Week and believes the bowl system should be similar to college basketball and have a rating system.

“We have to respect the fans and the traditions, as well as the integrity of those traditions,” Saban said via 247Sports. “Playing quality games is the most important thing, but our rules are not conducive to us playing quality games, because you have to have a winning record to get into the bowl game. Why don’t we do it like in basketball? the rating system, and even if you passed 5-7, but played with a really good schedule and played with some pretty good teams, you can go to the bowl game.”

In fact, this means that even the teams finishing below 0.500 will receive a trophy for participation.

This is definitely an interesting offer, but some fans and other coaches may not like it because the regular season is potentially meaningless.

Right now, if a team wins six victories, it automatically gets the right to participate in the cup, but if there are not enough such teams, sometimes the teams ranked 5-7 are considered.

Let’s see if Saban can get more support for this idea in the coming days/weeks.