Nick Saban: Rat poison is worse than ever, and this year


It didn’t take long for Nick Saban to start talking about “rat poison” again.

The last time Alabama’s head coach used it was at the end of last season, when his team beat Georgia in the SEC championship game.

“You guys have given us a lot of really positive rat poison,” Saban said back in December. “The rat poison you usually give us is usually lethal. But the rat poison you gave us this week was delicious.”

Saban then discussed Saturday’s game against Utah State and believes some people are missing out on this matchup for his team.

“I think rat poison this year, not to bring up a sore subject, I mean it’s worse than ever,” Saban said via . against Texas this week, than what are we going to do against Utah State?”

“I’m like, “We’re not playing in Texas this week!” I’m like, “What are you thinking?” Then I go to church on Sunday, and the sermon is like this: “He who rejoices will be humble. He who humbles himself will be exalted.” So if you add rat poison to the same thing, it’s almost perfect — perfect! It’s crazy.”

Everyone knows what Saban is doing, but it would be a shock if Alabama didn’t win that first game by more than 20 points.

It’s only a matter of time before Saban uses another quote from “rat poison” this season.


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