Nick Saban Makes It Clear That One Thing Won’t Happen While He’s Coaching at Alabama


On Thursday night, Nick Saban made some notable comments during his Hey Coach radio show.

At some point during the show, someone asked Saban about a possible shape change in the future. Over the past few years, he has made it clear that he is not a fan of the shape changes that have become popular in sports.

Well, it doubled today.

Here’s what he said about the Alabama uniform via

“That’s why we don’t change shape all the time. We wear the same uniform,” Saban said. “They want to wear white helmets. Everyone wants to do this and that. For me, there is an expectation that when we come out of the tunnel, it will be a brand. It’s a culture. This is what people expect to see.”

Saban went on to say that the school is “responsible” for meeting a certain standard and, therefore, for the absence of changes in the uniform.

“We have a responsibility and an obligation to do it according to a certain standard and level of skill and with great character,” Saban said. “That’s how I try to preach it to them.”

Should Alabama make changes?


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