Nick Offerman will play in the movie “Mission Impossible: The Reckoning of the Dead, part 2”


Nick Offerman has joined the cast of Mission: Impossible: Payback for Death, Part 2, the final film of a multi—year—old – both from the point of view of time and from the point of view of Tom Cruise paving a mile on earth – franchise from Paramount, inspired by the hit of the 1960s. spy franchise. Offerman, best known as libertarian Ron Swanson in the NBC sitcom “Parks and Recreation,” and will also play survivalist Bill in the upcoming HBO adaptation of the series “The Last of the USA.”

The blockbuster franchise, which will have eight films starring Cruise by the time “Payback for Death, Part II” hits theaters in 2024, two years from now, has seen a slew of new actors in recent weeks and months, including character actor Shea Whigham and Peggy. Carter herself, Hayley Atwell. Offerman was the last to join the ranks of spy fighters.

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The famous baritone actor was shown in an army uniform and without his classic mustache in a recent Twitter photo of Christopher McQuarrie, the screenwriter and director responsible for the last four parts of the franchise, including the two-part finale, which will be released in the next couple of years. . The photo shows Offerman huddled between the recent additions of Henry Czerny (the next one is shown in “Scream 6”) to his right and Holt McCallany from “Mind Hunter” to his right.

In a tweet with the hashtag #checkmate, McQuarrie also announced that Janet McTeer (“The Woman in Black”) has joined the shooting, and the actress is standing next to the creator of BBC’s “Sherlock” (and Mycroft Holmes) By Mark Gatiss. He is also casting an entry for the “Light the Fuse” podcast, episode 200, a podcast dedicated to the “Mission Impossible” franchise.

In a short video that followed Offerman, the actor said the following: “It’s really fun and exciting. There are some very high-class actors that I work with, as well as the main character [Tom Cruise]. Watching them all, throwing the ball is incredible, watching how they all cope with the fire hose technique is just fascinating, because everyone brings a lot of rush, panache and years of experience.”

In between the “Mission Impossible” films, Tom Cruise achieved even greater box office success with “Best Shooter: Maverick,” which received positive reviews and recently surpassed the box office of “Avengers: Finale.” Cruz again worked with McQuarrie on this film, with the latter acting as a screenwriter and producer.

Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part II is due out in 2024.


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