Nick Fury’s MCU Show will Tell about His Personal Life, says Samuel L. Jackson


The upcoming Nick Fury show from the Marvel cinematic universe “Secret Invasion” will tell about the personal life of the character according to Samuel L. Jackson. The Disney+ series should focus on everyone’s favorite SHIELD agent Nick Fury, as well as his Skrull ally, Ben Mendelssohn’s Talos, who were last seen together during the end credits of Spider-Man: Far from Home. In addition to Jackson and Mendelssohn, their roles in the MCU are reprised by Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill, Martin Freeman as Everett K. Ross and Don Cheadle as James Rhodes.

In addition to the aforementioned actors, Secret Invasion has cast several strong attackers for additional roles. Kingsley Ben-Adir from the movie “One Night in Miami” plays the main villain along with Oscar-winning actress Olivia Colman, graduates of the series “Game of Thrones” Emilia Clarke, Killian Scott, Christopher McDonald and Carmen Ejogo in unknown roles. Based on the Marvel comics storyline of the same name and written primarily by Kyle Bradstreet of Mr. Robot, Secret Invasion finds a sect of alien werewolves, Skrulls, infiltrating all aspects of life on Earth, in addition to opening a window into Fury’s personal life. .

Although there were few details of the plot of the “Secret Invasion”, Jackson recently shared a teaser during a discussion of the THR Drama Actors Roundtable, which also included his fellow MCU actors Tom Hiddleston, Oscar Isaac and Michael Keaton. Jackson was asked what he could do in the Nick Fury series that he could not do in the MCU films, and he replied that he was studying the personal life of the SHIELD agent at home, away from work. Read his full answer below:

Well, I may have Nick Fury’s whole life, but it’s not Nick Fury at work. You can come home with me and see what happens to me at home, or when I’m alone, or when I’m not that strong, or when I take off my corset, because Nick Fury is old. Things that you can do, but that you normally can’t do, because the character has to present that kind of look when it happens, and that’s what movies are designed for, and when you do it in a detailed way, you can show that even superheroes have their down moments.

Although “Secret Invasion” is never mentioned by name during the discussion, it’s unclear what other MCU show Jackson might have had in mind. Marvel is famous for its incredible level of secrecy, which Jackson is well versed with as a franchise veteran, appearing in every Avengers movie and in many solo adventures in between. Jackson has already discussed his return in “Secret Invasion,” though he refrained from actually mentioning the show by name.

Jackson’s latest teaser should be exciting for fans wanting to see Fury’s life outside of work. The Oscar-nominated actor has played his MCU character in 11 films, more than anyone else, although Fury’s family life, oddly enough, has remained unexplored. This is set to change in “Secret Invasion,” the main filming of which was completed in April 2022, and more official updates from Marvel are currently expected. With any luck, it should be the next Disney+ show to air after “Miss Marvel” and “The Hulk Woman.”