Nick Cave Says The Death of His Son Arthur Inspired Earl Cave to Pursue Acting



Nick Cave spoke about how the death of his son Arthur led to the fact that the latter’s twin brother, Earl, gained “purposefulness” through acting.

Arthur Cave tragically died after falling from a cliff in Ovingdean, East Sussex, in 2015. He was 15 years old.

For the latest entry on his Red Hand Files Q&A site, Cave responded to a letter from a fan of Madeline, who spoke about the “pain, anxiety and sadness” they are experiencing due to the fact that their twin brother is terminally ill.

In his response , the Bad Seeds frontman wrote: “When Arthur died, one of our biggest concerns was how it would affect Earl. The twins never parted and were very close to each other. Susie [his wife] and I were ready to piece together a boy who we thought would disintegrate under the devastating weight of his brother’s death.”

The singer went on to say that Arthur passed away during the school holidays, and recalled how teachers “created a support network of therapists and counselors in preparation for Earl’s return.”

He and Susie were “prepared for the worst,” but Cave recalled the moment when Earl said, “Whatever happens now, it’s for Arthur” on the morning he returned to school.

Nick Cave

“At the time, I had no idea what that meant,” Nick continued. “So Earl went back to school, did his best and worked hard. We expected the worst, but it didn’t happen.

“He got into drama and became really good at it. He had a strange sense of purpose in everything, and good things started happening to him. He got a part in a movie when he was in school, and people liked it, so he got a part in another one, and then another one.”

Cave later recalled how Earl remained “close” with his parents and all this time “watched us as if vigilantly, almost paternally.” “We watched in awe as he grew into adulthood, thanks to a promise he made one morning to his shocked parents,” he added.

“I do not know what lives inside Earl, what he had to go through, but he is a strong, cheerful, unusually kind young man with a razor-sharp mind and a warm, generous laugh, and he seems to me to do well.

“I do not know what kind of darkness he brings, what kind of anger and sadness, but I know that I can see his brother somewhere out there, as a state of being, as a kind of meaning, as a chosen direction.”

Earl Cave appeared in the movie “The End of the Fucking World” and then got his first starring role in the movie “Days of Bagnold’s Summer” (2020), the last of which was directed by Simon Bird from “In Between”.

Nick Cave first spoke about the loss of Arthur during the 2016 film “Once Again with a Feeling”, which tells about “deeply personal circumstances associated with the creation of the “Skeleton Tree”.

In a Red Hand Files post last November, the singer said he and Suzy moved to Los Angeles because Brighton became “too sad” after his son’s death.

In May of this year, Cave’s son Jethro Lazenby died at the age of 31. Later, the musician thanked fans for sending them “condolences and kind words,” adding that they were “a great source of comfort.”

Nick Cave recently confirmed that he plans to start recording a new album later this year.



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