Nick Cannon’s Latest Mom Tells the Truth about What She Got for Having the star’s Eighth Child


There have been proclamations of celibacy and hints of vasectomy in the past, but all of them seemed to be in vain for the one and only Nick Cannon. The Wild ‘N Out alum has become the fathers of eight children, five of whom have been born in the last two years alone, and lucky number 8 will be born here soon. Everyone (and their mom) has a climax convenient for a difficult situation, but Cannon’s latest mom gets real about the zenith that actually comes when she becomes one of many.

Eight children, five mothers, one father. Math is just not math for those online who consider only one child as an independent task. There were even questions to Bra Teezy, the future mother of Nick Cannon, about why she went to such an agreement in the first place. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 31-year-old responded to this criticism with her own criticism, saying:

I’m not very confident in [other people’s] affairs. It’s not really my business. When this first started happening, I thought: “I don’t understand why everyone is so concerned.” For example, why are you upset about what’s going on in my house? It doesn’t really affect me. I understand people, and they are used to their usual relationships. This is what is inherent in us. Whatever you call it, it’s been going on for years.

The announcement of a baby by Brae Teezy and Nick Cannon back in February was considered not only unconventional, but also controversial in some respects. Cannon’s seventh child, a 5-month-old son named Zen, tragically died of brain cancer just two months earlier. Teezy told the publication that it was a difficult time for everyone because both Cannon and Alyssa Scott (Zen’s mother) were still “grieving” and continue to do so to this day. (Just last week, Cannon and Scott shared emotional posts in honor of Zen’s birthday after his passing.) Tiesi added that she wasn’t going to “hit [Scott] while she was depressed” about her baby news.

However, the actor’s tradition of having so many children in a row has become more of a joke these days than anything else. And Nick Cannon was a little inclined to do so with a little help from Ryan Reynolds and his vasectomy cocktail. However, public comments have not stopped, in particular that Cannon cannot be 100% present with all the children. However, the former daytime talk show host recently defended his level of involvement as a father, saying he is busier than the “average adult.” For her part, the mother of child number 8 is not too worried about his obligations. She said:

As a boy, he will always need his father, but I don’t think I will have to tell [Kennon] about it. I think he will be present on his own. I believe he will be good.

Speaking about moms, The Masked Singer host said that he has one mom that he likes the most. (And it’s not who you might think.) Bre Tizi said that she is not close to any of the other mothers because she respects their personal space. However, she is optimistic that they will all be cordial in the future when Cannon’s brood grows up, stressing that “the children will be very close.”

Maybe they’ll really want to do it, because the bill is only growing, since Nick Cannon kind of confirmed the rumors that there will be more than one child in 2022. Follow the news about this and whenever the Baby gives birth, which is supposedly from day to day.