Nick Cannon is asked about the possibility of more babies as Alyssa Scott shares photos of the baby’s birth countdown


What’s next after baby No. 12?

Baby Cannon No. 12 is almost here! Alyssa Scott has provided an update on her pregnancy, and she’s apparently counting the days until she welcomes the newest addition to Nick Cannon’s ever-expanding progeny. Already this year, four children were born to the leading “Masked Singer”, and considering that so much attention is paid to him, six mothers of his children and his polyamorous lifestyle, we can’t help but wonder: is it possible? more children in his future? Cannon recently commented on the possibility of new babies.

Nick Cannon comments on the possibility of having more children

After welcoming three babies in 2021, Nick Cannon said it was “safe to bet” that the stork would fly in his direction as many times, if not more, in 2022. This has already been proven, and it looks like his total this year will end with five. When asked by Billboard if we should expect any upcoming announcements, the radio host replied:

I don’t know, man. I have no idea. I think I’m doing well right now!

This is a lot less confident than his comments earlier this year, when he confirmed that the stork was on its way with several baby guns, but it wasn’t a direct rejection. Nick Cannon, however, confirmed that his children remain his No. 1 priority and they are “definitely a creative force in everything I do.” Of course, he talked about the inspiration that his children give, but considering the amount he pays in alimony, I would assume that his brood is probably in the center of his attention all the time, no matter what.

Alyssa Scott counts the days

Alyssa Scott, meanwhile, is in the final days of her second pregnancy with Nick Cannon, and as soon as she announced she was expecting a baby with a gorgeous pregnancy portrait, Scott shared that the baby’s due date is almost here, with a couple of additional Instagram photos that show the former talk show host holding her hand on stomach:

The first joint son of Alyssa Scott and Nick Cannon, Zen, was born in June 2021, but he developed a brain tumor and died last December at the age of just 5 months. Scott spoke about his grief last Christmas, just weeks after Zen’s tragic passing, and his parents also shared emotional messages about what was supposed to be his first birthday. Preparing to face a new life, she thanked everyone who followed her journey with love and compassion:

Alyssa Scott’s son or daughter will be the fifth child born to Nick Cannon this year, after legendary Love, born in June to Brae Teezy; Onyx Ice Cole, born in September to Lanisha Cole; Rise Messiah, also born in September to Brittany Bell; and Beautiful Zeppelin, born in November to Abby De La Rosa.

He also has twins Monroe and Moroccan with Mariah Carey, the Golden and Mighty Queen with Brittany Bell and twins Zion and Zillion Hair with Abby De La Rosa.

While we are waiting for news about Nick Cannon’s growing family, we wish Alyssa Scott a safe delivery of baby No. 12.


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