Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott shared emotional posts about their son Zen’s birthday after his five-month death from a brain tumor


Actor/comedian/musician and former talk show host Nick Cannon has been through a lot over the past few years. Although Cannon reacted calmly and thoughtfully to the news of the cancellation of his show after just one season, he saw other professional failures and personal difficulties. Unfortunately, one of the difficulties he is likely to face for quite some time is the loss in early December 2021 of Cannon’s 5-month-old son from Alyssa Scott, Zen, who died shortly after doctors discovered he had a malignant brain tumor. the tumor. Now grieving parents have shared emotional posts in honor of Zen’s birthday.

What did Nick Cannon and Alyssa Scott say about zen on his birthday?

The last seven months or so have undoubtedly been very difficult for Alyssa Scott and Nick Cannon as they have been going through the loss of their young son. Despite the fact that Cannon talked about how he was helped to cope with the death of Zen Monroe, the 11-year-old daughter he shares with superstar Mariah Carey, and that he received a lot of support from his fans after he announced the tragedy, seeing as Zen’s first birthday is approaching. it should be especially tough around.

As you can see, the Zen tribute included several videos taken by the boy during his infamously short life, often with Cannon, Scott or other family members. Scott noted that this time is filled with a lot of emotions, but that “irresistible love” is the main one among them, and also recognizes the depth of her pain when she remembers her boy and tries to “stay positive.” Obviously, Cannon shares her feelings, and also notes that they “miss him physically,” but still “feel” Zen “spiritually.”

One thing the Wild ‘N Out star was also thinking about earlier this year was that Cannon knew he already had another child on the way, from model Bre Tiesi, when Zen passed away, but he felt a lot of “guilt.” because of the loss and not knowing when the right time will be to tell about your new baby. Also, despite speaking for a while about his decision to try to abstain from celibacy at the end of 2021, Cannon recently revealed that the pain of Zen’s death forced him to give up celibacy after just six weeks.

The potential outcome is that Nick Cannon may have a ninth child with DJ Abby De La Rosa, who announced she was pregnant almost a year after the birth of Cannon’s twins, Zion and Zillion (although no adult has confirmed that Cannon is the father). at the moment). Since Cannon is definitely welcoming at least one more child this year, we also know that he is determined to be involved in his children’s lives, and Zen will always hold a special place in his heart.